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Tales of Digby & Casper Chapter 2

Digby, Chapter 2

My favorite guest quote -  Vicky, a frequent visitor had studied him for several moments, she very seriously said “Digby when I look into your eyes I can see all the way to Cincinnati”.   This about sums it up.  Digby is largely primal, he lives to eat and mark his territory and is lost without a buddy to follow.  After Santo died, we knew we had to find another to lead the way.  He would walk outside and look around with no idea what to do or where to go.  


One afternoon a guest came to the patio gate to check-in.   As always Santo and Digby were there to greet her and be introduced.  I began by telling her Santo was old and indifferent, Digby was happy to see her but she shouldn’t expect much from him, because he is not very bright.  She seemed offended by my Digby description and asked for more explanation.  I momentarily was lost for another, perhaps more complimentary adjective and decided to give her an example by explaining that there had never been any success in teaching him to use the doggie door.  At the time we had taken in three cats that loved to cause a ruckus, purposely causing a chase which would result in all going through the pet door, including Santo.  Digby would be at the tail end and when all had escaped through the door he would screech to a stop, turn, look at me and seemingly ask, “Where did they all go?”  She handed me her business card -  a dog whisperer.  She said she could train him to use the doggie door within fifteen minutes; it was the easiest of all things to teach a dog.   I had always thought so until Digby came along.  The offer to her was if she was successful her stay at Cinnamon Morning would be comped, it would have been so worth it.  I gave her about a pound of treats to use, Digby Bait.  Thirty minutes later she sheepishly handed me her credit card.  She probably thought her reputation was at risk.  Hopefully she was reassured after a day or two observing Digby that she was not lacking in expertise.  

My sense of Digby is he would prefer to make you happy but he simply does not know what you want.   Then there are the other times.  Does he really care, in the least, what you want?