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Guest  Pets

Meet Daisy, Ollie and Lulu, they put on quite a show!  Talented, sweet and entertaining; loved having them and the two they chose to adopt for family (also known as owners).  Their mom spends many hours training and they obviously want her happy.  These little clowns love to perform.  They had more tricks, but I was too busy enjoying their antics to remember to take photos.   

Digby & Casper looked on with pure disdain!  Through gritted teeth they said “We get treats several times a day and all we have to do is SIT, and only when our person remembers to give that command.  Just look at them showing off !” 




We get to greet guests and look cute but.....we sit really good too.




Robert & Julie, proud parents of "The Show Offs" with Daisy & Casper. 

We had a great time, thanks for the memories!