Join Us Easter Weekend!

Spring and Easter are a wonderful time to visit Albuquerque.  The weather can surprise you, and, the joys and celebration of Easter make it special.   Come enjoy our leisurely Easter Brunch, a wonderful medley of Sue's savory and hearty favorites.  Always creative, the menus change depending upon availability of fresh ingredients, and Sue's desire for a fun and interesting menu....whatever she, and her trusted sidekick Sue's chef, Rich, decide. This year featured ham, Easter strudel, blueberry almond muffins, lemon cake, Scotch eggs, and fruit compote.  Needless to say, it's not unusual for guests to request at least one recipe to take a little bit of Cinnamon Morning home.   Make your reservations early!  

Watching Sue and Rich prepare the Brunch starts the salivary glands going...mmmm



The colors, textures and choices...if we could eat with our eyes, we would already be full

And, then there is the company we keep...guests to meet, conversations to be had...or, you can browse the many treasures and displays in the Great Room or sit quietly by yourself.  Make your reservations today!